Skin mask with grapes and white clay


Here we are invited to combine a kiwi with a lemon fresh juice and then some some items to throw in. As a effect, following the full course of masks should get a smooth and elastic facial skin. Check?

The cover for a facial skin

0.5 cups of mandarin.

2 tablespoons spoonful kaolin (white clay).

1 tablespoons spoonful of liquid natural honey.

1 eggs white (if the facial skin is prone to fat) or 1 chicken egg (if face is dry.)

1 teaspoon good grapefruit breeding juice.

A use of white clay is not essence. The suitable fit for your facial skin cosmetic clay with the pharmacy.

Production and application of a facial skin cover

Whisk in cool white foam, gradually adding honey or bruise yolks with honey.

So add all the other components of the facial skin cover.

Apply the cover finished a clean out and slightly damp skin and, if necessary, cleavage.

Hold for 20-Thirty minutes. Rinse with soft water, rinse with cool skin.

Course masks

3-4 times for 1 to 2 months.

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