Butter with Basil for Young Skin


The composition of this tool is very simple. A question may be to find fresh green basil, although dry can easily find in a supermarket spice section. And sweet fresh vegetables on sale ofttimes occurs.

Composition of a oil for combination facial skin

4 tbsp. Chopped recent herbs basil or 2 tablespoon spoon dry basil.

250 ml of olive oil or grape seed butter.

Making and apply

Gently warmth the oil in a water bath, pour them basil and leave for 10 days in a cool darkness put. So strain done several layers of cheesecloth or a broad bandage.

Apply the oil obtained so a night cream for a face and / or as part of revitalizing mask for young skin.

Append, for example, the butter in a clay mask or scrub with lovely saline and corn.

However a night cream use butter for 1.5-2 hours earlier bedtime and do not drink lots of water before going to bed to avoid swelling.

The butter may be used for healing skin problem chest and back.

Store in a refrigerator means in a pot with a tight lid.

If you have female skin, you may come up and the mask for a facial skin. Here propose a mix up of rye fresh bread with sauerkraut and add calendula tincture. Combination face is a sour elite need certainly enjoy it!

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