Very simple mask of skin wrinkles


This mask is specifically goodness for very dry aging skin. Ingredients not think it is easier, and the production of elementary does not happen. But to Carefully wash off a mask, will possess unpleasantness. But it's possible it's worth. How, even with a mask for the face how correctly so elsewhere, are not you try - do not know.

A cover of skin wrinkles

1 fresh egg,

1 teaspoonful of sea buckthorn butter,

Salt (salt, sodium chloride) on a tip of a knife.

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Yogurt for cleansing the skin


2 tbsp. Tbsp. Of organic yoghurt with no additives or colorings

2 tablespoon of great white or dark-brown saccharose

2-3 teaspoonful of ground corn.

Take fat yogurt according to a requires of the skin. Suitable for dry face and thick enough fat yogurt, and if the skin is yet dry enough, you can strive and liquidity milk yoghurt with poor fat content. While in the latter case a mask is too thin, then it thickeners corn.

All combine to fluent serum, apply light massage to polish, damp and slightly steamed facial skin, leave a mask on for 15-20 minutes, again massage your facial skin and rinse off, continuing to massotherapy. Beautify a proceedings moisturizing and / or nourishing cream or gel.

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Red apple mask


Rub on a small grater half confection apples, add to 1 teaspoon of sour serum and a lot of potatoes starch thickeners.

Cover big apple klubnichaya

Grate 1/2 of the confection big apple and sprinkle it with lemon nectar, add 1-2 mashed kiwi, 1 teaspoonful honey and 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Apply the cover on a skin, neck skin and decollete for 15-20 minutes, keeping it dry.

Course - one cover a day for a 30 days.

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Restorative Mask for Young Skin


Four toning cover for combination facial skin, easy to make and to use.

Cottage cheese and sol cover

Mix up 1 tablespoon of yoghurt with a tsp. Of medium or small table or sea salt.

Keep the cover 20 min, so rinse with heartwarming aqua and rinse with cold water.

Course - 2-3 covers a 7 days for 1-2 months.

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Making and treatment of a face cover


Pour the wine and leave a daisy at apartment temperature for 2 week.

Mash yolks with honey and cow butter and pour 0.5 st. Spoonful white wine face lotion.

Thicken the mixing milled oats or wheat floury.

Skin (neck, decollete), clean, wet face lotion, then apply the cover.

Keep the mask for 10-15 minutes, so rinse with warm aqua, wipe again with a skin face lotion and use a moisturizer.

Course of face covers

Use face lotion 1-2 minutes per day, make a cover 2-3 times a 7 days.

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Skin mask with egg white


Beat eggs white with 1 tbsp. Aloe extract (affordable at pharmacies). In a cover can also add paste of cabbage leaves.

Use a cover to clean out damp face, keep for 15-20 min and rinse with cool water.

Wipe face aloe, diluted in half mineral aqua (compote of herbs, green tea).

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Making and use masks


Cucumber peel and rub on a little grater.

Mash with a fork yolks with the olive butter, throw in the apple cider vinegar and cucumber weight.

Everything carefully.

Apply a mask ready to clean damp face, neck, decollete.

Keep the mask 20 minutes, so rinse with heartwarming aqua. If required, use a moisturizer.

Course rejuvenating covers

Later 2-3 times in a month.

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