Skin wrinkle Face lotion with olive butter


3 tablespoons olive oil,

4 tablespoon spoons of recent cucumber juice,

4 soup spoon tbsp. Of mineral aqua,

1 drop of rose butter,

Or a handful of beautiful sea sol.

Blend cucumber extract with mineral aqua, so dissolved in a mix of the resulting saline.

Append a olive oil and rose again and everything fine.

Keep lotion ready in the refrigerator for 3 days. Use 2-3 times every day, you richly moisturizing the skin, neck skin, shoulders and decollete.

Face lotion may substitute fluid.

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2 flour and fat covers for youthful facial skin


Flour and fat for a facial skin extremely valuable: and nourishes, and tones, and skin wrinkle a time safeguard. So a person for his own helf just demand to keep such a big-calorie regimen.

Skin mask with white fresh bread, a butter and natural honey

1 teaspoonful of liquid natural honey,

1 teaspoon olive butter

1 slice of white fresh bread or rolls,

3 soup spoon tbsp. Milk

5 drops of vitamin E oil decision (approachable at pharmacies).

Production and treatment of a facial skin cover

Cut a crusts with bread and soak fresh meat in hot natural milk.

When the fresh bread swells, append porridge honey, olive butter and vitamin E. All thoroughly.

Use a cover to a clean out damp face, neck skin, decollete. Pre-lubricate a facial skin can be a thin layer of moisturizer.

Later 20-25 min, remove the cover with a cotton pad soaked in natural milk. Then bath with soft water.

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Japanese self-massotherapy for the face


Not to cause inflammation in the skin of new and how soon however potential to get a massotherapy, most ofttimes change a bed linen and towels, and use only high-grade organic substances as, for example, tissue with Ivanovo. Pick soft fabrics that will not damage a face and will not cause new vospleny.

Ideally, massage is recommended to do every day, preferably in the reasonable, and, preferably, all life.

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Not a much simple banana mask of skin wrinkles


1 teaspoonful big banana pulp,

1 tsp. Of apple sauce,

1 tsp olive oil

1 egg yolk,

Buckwheat mealy.

Mix up until smooth yolk, cow butter, banana and apple and thickeners cover wheat flour.

A finished cover put on a polish face, neck skin and decollete. Hold for 15-20 min, so rinse with warm h2o, rinse the skin with cool.

Make a cover in 3-4 days in a month.

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Preparation and application of a skin mask


Walnut kernel mash with a spoon into a homogeneous mass, or cut in a coffee grinder.

Protein shake with natural honey and lemon juice in a sparsely foam and connect with walnuts. Thickeners cover murphy starch or rice mealy.

Use a cover ready to clean, damp and slightly steaming a face and, if indispensable, the neck area.

Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes, so roll under it on a massage lines and rinse with warm h2o. Rinse your face with cool.

Course of skin covers

Mask with a addition of protein, grapefruit nectar then rolling recommended no more than 1 time in 5-6 times, how a cover becomes quite aggressive.

If you like it is nourishing and not cleaning a cover effect, change a protein, depending on the needs of the face yolk, butter or butter, serum, yoghurt, sour cream, fresh fruit or veg porridge.

This nourishing mask may be done within 2-3 hours of a course of 1-2 weeks.

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