Natural honey Grapefruit for every time

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This extremely simple tonic mask recommend to do every day earlier washing. It is possible to, of course, and strive, but of the wash it used once accustomed.

The cover

1 tbsp. Spoonful of fluid honey,

2 spoon soup spoon of grapefruit nectar.

If you take the "grain" Honey, the cover will be a very good pilling, but to apply it every day in the case it is not indispensable.

Preparation and use covers

Mix grapefruit breeding juice and natural honey and gently heating the mask in a microwave or in a water bath.

Use on face for 10-15 minutes, rinse with cool h2o and rinse with cold-blooded water.

The mixing may be stored in a refrigerator for a long time, which greatly simplifies its daily apply.

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Almond milk to skin radiance

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4.3 roasted and unsalted almonds nuts,

Natural milk.

Almond rinse with stewing water, peel off the skins and pour a small amount of natural milk (1-2 tbsp. Spoons) at night. Morning bruise kernel porridge and use on face for 15-20 min.

This homemade face mask recommended courses, every day or every other time for 1-2 week.

Natural honey and lemon for facial skin radiance

Mix up equal parts of sweet grapefruit nectar and natural honey, use for 20-Thirty minutes, so rinse and moisturize the face.

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Rosemary and red red on a first skin wrinkles

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Rosemary, is not alone good for a memory, it is a skin and helf service will dish up. It is alone indispensable to combine with red wine and six weeks to insist. And, forgive a skin wrinkles, long live the youth and tone!

A mask of wrinkles

1 tablespoons tsp. Dry rosemary (sold in shops, department seasonings)

1 cup dry red wine.

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Making and application of a face cover

Pour the wine, rosemary and leave at apartment temperature for six weeks. Every day with the infusion container is shaken.

After six week of a infusion and run to the bottom shelf of a fridge.

Morning and evening face vigorously tapped on the massotherapy lines swab dipped in tincture or just soaked in wine fingers. Read more -->

Corn starch and natural honey from wrinkles

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2-3 tsp. Of fluent natural honey,

1-2 teaspoon of cornstarch.

Mix until creamy, use to the facial skin or only on wrinkles, wash off of the 20-30 minutes.

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Yoghurt for cleansing a face

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2 spoon spoon of organic yoghurt with no additives or colorings

2 tbsp. Of great white or browned sugar

2-3 teaspoon of ground corn.

Opt fat yoghurt according to the requires of a face. Suitable for very dry face and thick enough fat milk yoghurt, and if your face is yet dry enough, you can strive and liquidity yogurt with short fat content. While in the latter case the mask is too thin, then it thickeners oatmeal.

All combining to liquid cream, apply light massage to polish, damp and slightly steamed face, leave the cover on for 15-20 min, again massotherapy a facial skin and rinse off, continuing to massage. Decorate the procedure moisturizing and / or nourishing cream or gel.

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Semolina of wrinkles

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Highly big calorie cover for aging facial skin. Semolina with natural butter and natural honey - it's a real blow to the energy skin wrinkles!

The cover

2 soup spoon tablespoons semolina (cooked in natural milk or cream).

1 tsp. Of honey.

1 boiled egg.

0.5 teaspoon fine sea sol or sodium.

1 teaspoon apricot kernel oil (accessible at pharmacies).

10 drops of orange or tangerine fresh juice.

Production and use covers

Combine hot porridge with all a other components of a cover.

Apply mask to clean out, very dry face. Hold for 15-20 min.

Course masks

10 masks in 1-2 times.

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